The Only Community Based .gay Application

dotgay® LLC is the originator of a landmark proposal to create a .gay domain space on the Internet. dotgay® LLC is California corporation formed to advance this proposal and garner worldwide support for developing .gay as a strategic community resource. The CEO and 90% owner of dotgay® LLC is Scott Seitz, founder of SPI Marketing, a leading LGBT agency with over 20 years of service on behalf of corporate and nonprofit clients.

If approved, .gay would exist as a so-called “Top-Level Domain” (TLD), the most well-known example of which is .com, and individuals, businesses and organizations would be able to register domain names ending in .gay. In addition to .gay, the governing body of Internet domain space, ICANN, is considering TLD proposals for .eco, .nyc, .music and more.

A hub of visibility and activity

Expanding the Internet domain name space is a way to promote greater innovation and choice, and .gay can serve as a common platform for enhancing the resources, visibility and solidarity of the gay community. Our position is that .gay cannot be operated as just a “marketing platform” or a piece of real estate to be subdivided based solely on economic imperatives. Run for the mutual benefit of LGBTQIA constituents—the service and non-profit community, business community, advertisers and media, plus a diverse range of individuals and emerging community groups—.gay can become empowering space that recognizes and celebrates diversity, while also serving as a rallying point for an entire community. By working together, we become stronger.

Our business model calls for non-profit LGBTQIA client organizations to receive 67% of the profit generated from the sale of .gay domain names. The funds would be channeled through a tax-exempt foundation operated separately from dotgay® LLC. Evaluating the worthiness of various causes and making decisions about how to distribute funding would be in the hands of an independent board of directors, comprised of a diverse spectrum of recognized leaders from the global gay community.

Community domains

dotgay® LLC would continue to exist as a standalone entity, focused solely on commercial and community development of .gay. This will facilitate transparency and accountability in the auditing of its financial statements. As a vehicle for social entrepreneurship, dotgay® LLC’s purpose is not only to operate the .gay domain space as a successful business but also to realize tangible financial and strategic benefits for the community that will inhabit the space.This means recognizing from the outset that some “.gay” domains are, in effect, community property and should be administered accordingly. These are community domains based on important generic keywords, such as lesbian.gay, pride.gay, hotel.gay, health.gay, marriage.gay and pride.gay. dotgay® LLC would retain ownership of these domains for the purpose developing community-resource portals, essentially “index” directories for other relevant .gay domains. This will establish .gay as a vibrant hub, while also leveling the playing field among those offering gay-friendly products, services, destinations and venues.

Committed to a community mandate in developing the .gay domain space, dotgay® LLC regards its mission as the equivalent of planting a communal flag on the Internet. Like the rainbow flag, .gay is a banner that can bring together the growing diversity of our community. With specialized inclusive sub-domains, .gay will gather each of our groups in a way that solidifies our footstep and demonstrates our presence as one larger global community. In a sense, we are one community because we have a mutual interest in rights and protections that others take for granted. As a community whose presence can be aggregated and quantified, we will all be in a better position to be understood and to create real change.

As the success of .gay will depend on garnering broad support from the many diverse constituencies that comprise the worldwide gay community, we seek endorsement and invite comments from all interested parties. We look forward to being held accountable for “giving back” to the community, by administering .gay in a way that ensures innovation, fairness and long-term success.